Multitalented singer/songwriter Sonia Johnson has earned success and recognition with albums including the French original jazz recording Le Carré de nos amours (Juno Winner, Vocal Jazz Album of the Year 2012); Triades, with singers Annie Poulain and Charles Biddle Jr. (ADISQ Nomination 2013 and Junos 2014); Le cœur à l’endroit, alongside Marianne Trudel; and Chrysalis, her last record acclaimed by international reviews and ranked #1 in 2019 by Christophe Rodriguez of

In April 2017, for the centenary of her favourite jazz singer, Sonia produced Dialogues Ella & Joe with accomplished guitarist Stephen Johnston. This tribute to Ella Fitzgerald and Joe Pass was part of ICI Musique (CBC Radio)’s celebration of Fitzgeraldl’s music. She was also the voice of lectures on jazz given by host Stanley Péan in several venues throughout Quebec. An alumna of the University of Montreal, with a Master’s degree in jazz performance and composition, she has successful collaborations as a lyricist or composer with artists such as Laila Biali, Steven Taetz, Felix Stüssi (Les Malcommodes, Ray Anderson) and Rodrigo Simões.

When a composer or an ensemble requires a particular voice to carry a daring project, it is often her getting the call. Her ability to improvise, her sensitivity as an interpreter, and her flexible vocal range has led her to be the featured soloist in the bold work of Lorraine Desmarais, Vincent Rehel, Joe Sullivan, Oktopus, and l’Orchestre National de Jazz de Montreal.

With the new season, she presents Airs Givrés, a miniature album inspired by the theme of winter, and finish the writing of a project entitled Family Portraits to be recorded in spring 2022.