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“A voice that is pure and silky…”

Marty Delia, The Jazz Music Blog – Australia

“A modern take on the classic vocal format…” 

Chris Spector, Midwest Records – Illinois

“…beautiful record start to finish,…” 

Paul Corby, Corby’s Orbit Podcast – Toronto

“world-class, brilliant and stellar masterpiece”

Jeff Moses, WJMX Smooth Jazz - Boston Global Radio

“Musikken er eminent…” ★★★★

Ivan Rod, journalist, Copenhagen – Denmark

“Résolument nouveau et de grande qualité.”

Sylvain Ménard, 98,5 FM – Montreal – Canada

“…glæden ved såvel jazz som soul.” 

Leif Wivelsted , Jazz Special – Denmark

Album #12 – All genres – 2019 

Canadian Music Blog Vancouver

“Sonia Johnson has a strong and confident voice… sounds in command an as polished as the grill on a 61 Caddy.”

George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly – California – USA

“…l’une des plus belles voix du jazz canadien.” 

Frédéric Cardin, Radio-Canada – Montreal

Album #1 Jazz – 2019 

Sorties Jazz Nights

“…an ornate box to reveal hidden gems.”

Raul da Gama, The Whole Note

“Johnson herself sounds in command an as polished as the grill on a 61 Caddy.”

George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly – California – USA

« …tour d’horizon très bien calibré qui vous feront oublier les vicissitudes de l’hiver. Après plusieurs écoutes, nous songeons à : Sergio Mendes, Dionne Warwick et pourquoi pas Tami Neilson. »



COVID Sessions with David RyshpanMark Alan Haynes and Max Sansalone. Enjoy !!



Multitalented singer songwriter Sonia Johnson gained recognition with albums such as Le Carré de nos amours (Juno Winner, Vocal Jazz Album of the Year 2012), Triades – with singers Annie Poulain and Charles Biddle Jr. (ADISQ Nomination 2013 and Junos 2014), Le cœur à l’endroit, her previous solo project co-created with pianist and arranger Marianne Trudel. Graduated from the University of Montreal with a Master’s degree in jazz interpretation and composition, she has had successful collaborations as a composer or singer with artists such as Laila Biali, Félix Stüssi & Les Malcommodes, Steven Taetz, Vincent Réhel, Rodrigo Simoes and Orchestre National de Jazz de Montréal.

After carrying out a pilgrimage of free experimentation between jazz and pop music, Sonia is revealing herself between shadow and light with Chrysalis, her first album in English launched on November 15th 2019 and acclaimed by critics around the globe. From the slumber of the caterpillar to the flight of the butterfly, she’s deploying multi-colored wings on this audacious musical road trip. Poetic and soulful, definitely slowly woven with long silk yarn!





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